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Present Scenario of Organic Cotton in India

Present Scenario of Organic Cotton in India

In the Indian economy, organic cotton has always played a crucial role as India is one of the leading manufacturers of organic cotton. The organic industry started with organic food because people were very conscious about their health. But now, it has expanded its roots to organic clothing as well. The reason is people's awareness of sustainability in today's lifestyle.

Thinking about the socio-economic impact that sustainable clothing would have, organic cotton is a great choice in fashion industries. Sustainable fibers provide several solutions to people facing issues regarding health and the environment.

Many skin diseases and health hazards occur due to the fabrics which are cultivated and processed by pesticides and synthetic dyes. People are now moving towards sustainable and eco-friendly clothes and getting into the trend of slow fashion, slowly.

Making just a single cotton t-shirt by the conventional method requires a considerable amount of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. The organic cotton t-shirts, however, could save one-third of the total fertilizers and pesticides used. And thus, organic cotton is different from regular cotton.

These organic cotton fabrics are grown without using any chemical; the seeds are not genetically modified or treated with chemicals. The process right from sourcing of seeds to the harvesting, storing and processing are traditional and natural.

In the current scenario, organic cotton is being used to make different types of garments like salwar kameez, kurtis, t-shirts, shirts etc. and the consumption has increased over the years.

However, its market share is more in big metropolitan cities like Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Calcutta, Bangalore, Pune etc. Due to the various ill-effects of cotton grown by chemicals and fertilizers several farmer groups, NGO's and designers are working towards spreading awareness about the benefits of organic cotton.

According to the organic trade association, a rise of 31% has been observed in the organic cotton industry during the past few years.

The major drawback which comes in the way of increased sales of organic cotton fabric is its high price. Rotative mode of cultivation is done for growing organic cotton which is a costly process and thus, organic cotton fabrics are priced almost double than normal cotton fabric.

But, here in T-Natur, we have been working with our cotton-growing farmers for the past many years and thus, have tried to formulate a way to make organic cotton fabric affordable to the general public.

Wearing organic cotton is much popular among people from the upper-middle-class or high class but considering fashion as the only purpose for wearing clothes would not serve the ecological conservation and thus, people need to realize its benefit and try to make it their regular wear. Also, if the demand increases, the production will increase and as a result, the overall production cost will decrease.

Clothes that are made up of organic fibers are easy to clean and maintain. Despite having a low market share in the Indian clothing industry, organic cotton clothes demand is growing in India which is quite promising. And T-Nature as a brand is working towards making organic cotton clothing more appealing, fashionable and economical.

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