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Slow Fashion: An Ethical Move

Slow Fashion: An Ethical Move

Conscious fashion is the key to unlock all our problems of fast fashion and the increasing textile landfills. Haven’t we all gone to the malls and wondered "I want this dress", and end up buying it but do we really need that outfit?

Well, the answer is 'NO' because this is called impulsive buying. We all have experienced that in our life on a regular basis. And this is the reason we have loved fast fashion for so many years now because it satisfies our wants so easily. We as consumers expect newness; hence the brands launch new products within very short intervals completely ignoring the havoc it is creating in the ecosystem. Impulsive buying is a big issue because all the clothes we buy end up buying, get stacked up in our cupboard for years and ultimately ends up in piles of garbage. So, let us take some time today and ponder over our fashion choices and their effects.

We have had our own experiences with brands asking us to switch to organic and think sustainably, but why?

Because processing of textile products generates waste that is toxic and hazardous to the environment. For faster procurement of raw materials chemicals like insecticides and pesticides are used along with genetically modified seeds which ultimately go to land and water causing pollution.

Not only this, the textile wastewater effluents consist of chemicals like chlorinated solvents, hydrocarbon solvents, oil, grease and several other dye and pigments residue.

But wait! There is some good news because time is changing and so is people’s notion about fashion. With the world growing more and more conscious about the ecosystem people are now looking for sustainable clothing options. Well, here in T-Natur we aim to serve you the best of organic cotton basics that you can pair up with anything and make your iconic style statement.

How is our product sustainable?

We do not use any genetically modified seeds for growing our cotton. Our dyeing and finishing have no use of chemicals and harmful dyes and do not consume large amounts of water. As the natural wax is not stripped from the cotton, the smoothness and the weaves make our t-shirts flattering and moisture-absorbent. We only use natural dyes that are eco-friendly, bio-degradable and deemed safe for use as compared to synthetic ones.

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