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Sustainable Lifestyle: A Step Towards Our Mission

Sustainable Lifestyle: A Step Towards Our Mission

What is a sustainable lifestyle?

A lifestyle that attempts to reduce an individual’s or society's use of earth's natural resources and one’s personal resources is called a sustainable lifestyle. We all are familiar with the word sustainability and are very well aware of its importance. The way we human beings are consuming our earth resources is alarming, so it is high time for us to switch to non-conventional methods.

In terms of energy, we all are well informed about the depletion of our conventional resources like coal, crude oil, natural gas and other fossil fuels. And thus, more and more countries are trying ways to find alternative non-conventional energy resources such as solar power, nuclear power or tidal power.

The question now is what can one do at an individual level to contribute to sustainability and thus saving our energy resources. A very quick and simple answer to that would be adopting a sustainable lifestyle.

How to live a sustainable lifestyle?

There are many ways to do it at every level with the simplest things we do in our daily lives. We don't need to make massive changes with everything we do or buy all at once. Being sustainable is not an easy thing to do that one can tick off and move to the next but rather is a lifelong journey of learning and experimenting.

Let's take a look at a few crucial aspects of this journey.

  1. Reduction of consumption

Let's start with reducing our consumption. As consumers, each one of us is constantly over consuming things, from printers that are out of ink to wearing and loving fast fashion. It is not our fault as we have always been led to believe that being happy and successful in life is all about having more and more. If we all pledge to reduce our consumption in our daily lives, it saves us a huge amount of energy that is being generated and used.

  1. Stop buying fast fashion

Our fast fashion addiction has doubled in the past 15 years with millions of clothing produced every year. We all work hard for our money, so why not invest in brands and services that are local; brands that care about the planet and conserving its resources. Shopping with alternative brand options that provides us with more sustainable options is a powerful way to practice sustainable living.

  1. Support local business

 It is a massive step for having a sustainable lifestyle but is often overlooked. Being more sustainable does not mean not buying anything and everything.   All we need to do is support our local businesses because they are often more sustainable than the global brands.

  1. Start buying organic

0rganic simply means no chemical fertilizers, no insecticides and no use of GMO seeds.

Get to know more about why organic?

  1. Buy less but buy better

This is a mindset change. Every product in our house has a manufacturing carbon footprint and will end up in waste. To be more sustainable we need to make our stuff last as long as possible to keep it out of the landfills so every time you buy a new product make sure it could  be easily mended or  recycled.

  1. Practice make, mend, sew and share

If we want to have a more sustainable lifestyle we need to be aware of how our things can be reduced, reused and recycled. Rethink before buying and refuse items that are not necessary for you. This is a more collaborative approach which means simple and fewer things are being produced, saving CO2 emissions leading to reduced waste 

Last but not the least
  1. Keep trying

We won't get it right every day, will slip up, forget, be too tired to care but we should not give up. It is a long-term change and is like a journey. Every decision we make, every product we buy should be an ethical decision-so every day we get millions of chances to make more sustainable choices. So, keep trying because as they rightly say, "We might have a plan B but we do not have a planet B".


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