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Sustainable Packaging: An Ecological Revolution

Sustainable Packaging: An Ecological Revolution

Sustainable Packaging, a term we hear very often but why is so much focus on it?

Because now the global packaging market relies on it.

8 million tones of plastics get dumped in the ocean every year. Hence, it is estimated that by the end of the year 2050 ocean will contain more plastic than marine lives. It has created a situation of international emergency where big companies are compelled to think about their actions.

The packaging market is the major contributor to plastic pollution and therefore there is a call for reforms in their ideas and plans. The problem lies not only with packaging but over packaging of products as well. Quite often we come across products that are loaded with unnecessary boxes and lots of plastic fillers.

plastic landfill in gulf countries

Thankfully, both the consumers and retailers are getting more informed and thoughtful regarding the dire need for sustainable packaging. Also, with all these points across our mind, the question is what sustainable packaging is? And how does it make any difference to our ecosystem?

Sustainable packaging is a design of packaging that can be transformed into a closed-loop cycle. Here the packaging materials are economically robust and give long term benefits to the environment as the materials are biodegradable.

How is your packaging sustainable?

Reduced Packaging - We do not support the culture of over packing our products and therefore, contribute significantly less in packaging waste. So, congratulations on being a part of our mission towards reducing carbon footprints.

Plant-based Packaging - The number of plant-based packaging has increased over several years and our brand T-Natur is not far behind to have adopted this method. We use butter paper made up of compressed plant fibers for packaging that is a biodegradable packaging alternative. These are usually by-products of agricultural industries that help in reducing plastic waste in the supply chain.

So join us and, be a part of this global initiative with us and contribute your bit in making this world a better and safer place to live in.


  • This is very serious concern that we as people are not able to take a look at right now. But yes, i must say what you guys are doing and using is going to be all for the greater good for the people and planet.

    Aatish Shah
  • As an Earth lover I appreciate the effort made by the “T-Natur” and also recommend the humans, companies and brands to adopt the sustainable and biodegradable packaging than plastic packaging. Be Eco friendly.

    Dharmesh Patel

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