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Thoughtful Karma

Thoughtful Karma

During these tough times of Covid crisis, moral ethics of an individual, the sensibility and kindness are much needed. Spreading positivity and awareness shows the true intent of any human being in need of hour. T-Natur aims to promote the ethics in every sphere of living.

We never thought Covid phase will be so critical. People have been fighting for their lives, their family and friend's life. The sensible people are doing their part irrespective of the situation.

While some of the actions are results of 'common sense', few of them need to be done taking examples from others. This is the time of 'Self Leadership'. Let's pay heed to the ongoing pandemic that has brought us together.

Things you MUST do

1. Safety Mode ON:

Wear mask with proper technique. Yes. Proper technique is important because more than half the world's population wears mask for the sake of it, or not get caught by cops. People reuse the mask without washing or disposing it off which is like wearing the virus itself if your mask got in touch with the virus.

If you are vaccinated, you can still catch Covid. Your conscience should not have guilt of infecting others. Care for others and be humane. Please keep your mask on for yourself and others.

2. Say NO to Gatherings & Crowd:

This is not something one should be told to follow. It's an obvious behavior expected from each and every one of us. Despite the constant requests and reminders, people have been ignoring the social distancing protocol.

Everyone knows the exponential increase in Covid cases which caused this alarming situation, yet choose to disregard the safety rules. Some are attending weddings, some are celebrating festivals, and some are uselessly roaming amidst the lockdown and may be shopping.

Why the hurry to get married when you can’t have a good honeymoon? 

Trying to celebrate festivals and anniversaries, birthdays in public/private gatherings for now is unacceptable. One should be genuinely concerned about the well-being of others.

One single celebration in gatherings could give hundreds of tragic events.

So, think again before joining any gatherings. There have been mass cremations at public parks including the car parks at New Delhi, because the cremation grounds run out if space for dead.

Courtesy: India Coronavirus: Round-the-Clock Mass Cremations

Please leave home for the most essential reasons only. T-Natur encourages work from home in this dire situation. T-Natur requests other brands/companies to be considerate towards their employees and offer them leaves and flexible working hours as most of the employees are either infected or someone in their family is.


Most of the cities are in lockdown stage. People have been trying to hoard anything they could get their hands on. From medicines to grocery to oxygen cylinders, they are hoarding it all even if they might not need it.

Courtesy: Delhi Man Arrested for Illegally Storing 48 Oxygen Cylinders at Home/article34396977.ece/amp/

Buying the most essential supplies is okay. Buying the most important medicine in right amount is okay too. One needs to be prepared. But hoarding and letting others in need get devoid of those essentials, is strictly morally a crime. People have been arrested for illegally storing huge number of oxygen cylinders for black market sale.


Do you know most of the people get hopeless, depressed and scared when they hear 'Covid Positive' for themselves or their own people? They panic because of the present condition of unavailability of oxygen, beds and medicines. Not everyone who gets Covid get severely sick. So, people need to stay calm.

Most of those stuck alone at homes are the ones to feel anxiety because of loneliness. Start talking to your near and dear ones. Ask them about their well-being. Let them feel you care despite the distance. Let them feel they could always count on you if they ever feel negative. Make them smile. Make them laugh. Let them forget their condition for sometimes. Let them get engrossed in a good conversation.

Start using your social media platforms for spreading right information. Most of the circulated messages are rumors. Help the society with correct facts. Start a campaign to hear them out. Start providing friendly counseling to those who are isolated. Start a donation drive. You can do so much with very little efforts, if you get thoughtful.

Do your part as a responsible citizen. Even doctors around the world are comforting their patients with creative ideas.


Courtesy: Brazil Nurse Gloves Hand to Comfort Covid Patient goes Viral

For now, this is all. Wait for the second informative article that T-Natur wants you to definitely read.

Stay wise. Stay calm. Stay safe.

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