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Your Guide to Sustainable Fashion

Your Guide to Sustainable Fashion

We all know for the fact that fashion is a fast booming industry, with a very major role in the global economy. We rarely talk about the impact it has on our day-to-day lives. So let's try to dive a little deeper to understand why the people from this industry and other researchers are talking about sustainable fashion. Sustainability is a dynamic concept that is continuously evolving and thus focuses on benefiting people involved in the fashion supply chain from farmers to consumers.

People often confuse sustainable fashion with ethical fashion because they both are unquestionably linked to the same concept. Sustainability in fashion refers to the effects of the production of cloth on the environment consisting of everything from how cotton or any raw material was grown to how the garment workers were treated. The very basic aim of fashion sustainability is to make sure that clothing is manufactured in ways that the product life cycle minimizes the undesirable environmental effects.

Why are brands striving for sustainability?

Every year thousands of tonnes of fabric wastes are getting dumped away with household wastes that could have been recycled in one way or another. Earth’s ecosystem is the perfect example of co-design where every action is interrelated to one another. And thus one wrong step can disrupt the chain. Buying new materials without recycling old materials thoughtfully won't make a brand sustain much longer because now consumers are aware of the impacts of fast fashion on our environment.

Stating few examples of how big companies are encouraging sustainable fashion, brands like H&M, Stella McCartney and Mulberry have joined hands and collaborated with various sustainable programs or campaigns to build a circular model encompassing the entire supply chain. The moment we adapt and accept slow fashion we are consciously reducing our carbon footprints and extending our support to various factory workers in an indirect way. Several luxury brands have initiated concepts of minimal fashion with concepts like 'Circular services', 'Second life' and 'Donate' where one can reuse or thrift shop making their little contributions to slow fashion and thus the environment.

So, you have ample reasons to support our brand T-Natur or any such brand that shares the same vision as ours that is- To offer you the best premium quality at a bare minimum price while bringing you a step closer to sustainability. But again if you buy from us, you not only help Mother Nature to flourish but the thalassemia patients who we support for their treatments to have a better life. :)

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