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Be ECO-FRIENDLY or Simply Choose BECO

Be ECO-FRIENDLY or Simply Choose BECO

This trio is providing alternatives to everyday single use plastics and it’s packaging. The inspiration came from a very old chocolate wrapper that was found by Aditya Ruia while volunteering for a beach clean-up drive. 

Aditya, a manufacturing engineer, talked to his brother Anuj and later the duo and their friend Akshay Varma, an engineer from IIT Madras, formed a trio to launch BECO, in March 2019. 

The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) estimates that approximately 707 million metric tons of plastic products are manufactured per year. Out of which 80 percent is solely for the packaging purposes. 

At BECO, they provide eco-friendly green packaging for home and kitchen use categories, more accessible and affordable. This initiative is saving us from nearly 4 tones of plastic waste per family per year. 

Akshay, one of the co-founders at Beco said that all the products sold at their website are made from bamboo which are sourced from plantations in the north-east. 

World will be a better place if we opt for eco-friendly alternatives to everything. 

Just like BECO, T-Natur provides organic and sustainable fashion tee-shirts and is taking care of slow fashion, slowly. 

Read more at: How a Mumbai Startup Used Cornstarch & Bamboo to Stop 125 Tonnes of Plastic Waste!

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