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Chamar Studio

Chamar Studio

Stunned by the name, right? So were we. Well, Chamar Studio was founded by Mr. Sudheer Rajbhar who himself, belongs to the Dalit community. The studio was started in the year 2017 to support the Dalit community and to unite the artisans and designers who had lost their livelihood and identity after the imposition of the Beef Ban, back in 2015.

Why & How the Beef Ban Affected the Dalits?

The beef ban in 2015, led to a shortage of raw materials and thus the prices of those raw materials increased extensively. The Dalit Community (over 16%) of the population was dependent upon beef and got directly affected due to the ban which was imposed. The artisans and craftsmen from the community were dependent on beef for leather as it was priced cheaply than the other kinds of leather.

Mr. Rajbhar feels that the main purpose to start the studio by the name 'Chamar Studio' was to restore and retain the identity of the Dalits, as this connotation has been correlated with the Dalits for a very long time.

The brand sells and produces a wide variety of handmade bags and other accessories with everyday in-use items that are either discarded or could be upcycled. The products seem to be made up of leather but they are produced out of recycled rubber tires. Mr. Rajbhar says that the tires don’t tend to lose their natural components and maintain their originality even after getting recycled. These products are durable, cruelty-free, and most importantly a step forward for a sustainable future.

Their unique and quirky designs help them stand out while they aim at keeping up with new trends, keeping in mind all the ethical and eco-friendly practices. Not only is the studio helping in uniting these artisans but also contributing to a sustainable and eco-friendly future.  

T-Natur expresses its gratitude towards Chamar Studio for initiating such an ethical practice of not just saving the environment but also look out for the local artisans and designers and to acknowledge their skillset and abilities.

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