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Differently-abled who thinks Differently

Differently-abled who thinks Differently

Physical limitations didn’t deter him from contributing his efforts to society and indirectly safeguarding the planet earth.


Vishnu Patel, 60 is an example to each one of us who have petty excuses when it comes to being a responsible citizen. 

He resides in Surat, Gujarat and was born deaf. Soon after his birth, polio got to him. But his physical limitations didn’t limit his mental strength.

He was having poor house-hold income and also, was physically challenged. However, it never bothered him to bring this innovative approach in the manufacturing of the e-vehicles.

Without any financial help or funding he managed to build seven battery operated e-vehicles out of the recycled e-waste. In a single charge, his e-vehicle could go up to 45 Kilometers, without any carbon footprints.

an e-bike, made by vishnu patel

His focus is building the vehicles for differently-abled people who find difficulty in reversing the vehicle. Hence, his next goal is to introduce an onboard control which would be an easy way out for disabled people to reverse the vehicle.

“I want to make three-wheelers for 'divyangs', on which they would be able to give their families a ride too”, he said.

We need such a CHANGEMAKERS!

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Click here read further about Vishnu Patel and his innovation.

Image Source: ANI

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