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When the whole country is locked-down, and staying indoors with fear and anxiety, a group of angels have been doing every bit to save many priceless lives.

With the second wave hitting India, there has been a panic alarm throughout the country. The mutated covid-19 virus has worsened the pandemic situations. There has been an accelerated increase in demand for oxygen supply for the medical purpose. This covid-19 is more dangerous than anyone predicting it. The oxygen level of infected people has been dropping suddenly without any serious symptoms and this has been a whole new ordeal.

The unexpected demand of oxygen has created havoc within the country. People have been falling seriously sick because of oxygen level drop and unavailability of oxygen cylinders are causing numerous deaths every minute.

Amidst this whole pandemic situation, Hemkunt Foundation has been at the forefront of covid relief, since the beginning.

It was started by Irinder Singh Ahluwalia ten years ago in Gurugram but their positive impact and help to the society got in the news when they started providing free oxygen cylinders to the needy ones whose lives have been at stake.

During the first wave of Covid-19 last year, Gurugram-based NGO Hemkunt Foundation, along with distributing at least 360 tons of cooked meals among migrant workers and laborers, also arranged for oxygen cylinders. Harteerath Singh, the community development director at Hemkunt barely sleeps and eats untimely as the situation is so dire that they keep receiving SOS calls from night till early morning.

During the second wave as well, the group of volunteers have been trying their best to procure as many oxygen cylinders as needed but the magnitude of demand is now more than million folds. Hence, it has been a very tough journey to endure emotions wise.

They have had free oxygen cylinder drive through by opening various free oxygen centers.

They have a team of volunteers of about 15 members who have arranged for 4500+ oxygen cylinders in a month. They had help and a strong network and they were able to import oxygen from abroad. They received various donations too after people realized their hard work for humanity.

Some of the volunteers got infected due to covid multiple times yet they didn’t give up on helping the needy ones.

They have proven to be real heroes. Their contributions will be remembered forever.

They have also kept a criterion for the oxygen cylinder distribution to make sure it’s going to the right needy person. They are giving oxygen to only those whose oxygen level is below 88. Not just this, Hemkunt Foundation also provides free refills to those in need.

Hemkunt foundation seeking help from volunteers.

We can’t thank them enough. They have come to our rescue in desperate times.

Hemkunt Foundation is consistent in helping humanity, selflessly and happily. We need more people like those volunteering with them.

T-Natur aims at spreading awareness regarding the frontline warriors and this blog is dedicated to the good deeds of Hemkunt Foundation. T-Natur requests each of its buyers and readers to help one another with any possible ways like these heroes have been doing.

T-Natur applauds them and gives a heartwarming standing ovation to all these heroes. T-Natur requests to join hands with Hemkunt Foundation as a donator or volunteer. Because they are people like you and I.

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