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Responsibility Over Love: Dr. Shifa Mohammed

Responsibility Over Love: Dr. Shifa Mohammed

Wedding day is the most special day for a woman. She wants nothing but to wear her favorite dress, all the dreamy arrangements and all eyes on her. It’s hard to imagine that day being postponed for any reason. But, Kerala practitioner, Dr. Shifa Mohammed showed what really matters to her being a dedicated doctor.

The healthcare workers have been the most important asset to the world during this pandemic and they are devoid of any peace and relaxation for more than a year because of the exponential growth of covid patients.

They have been working day and night. But Dr. Shifa was about to get a small break on 29th March 2020, her wedding day. Instead of putting on her wedding dress, she donned the PPE kit and went on to treat the covid patients in covid ward. This was indeed a beautiful gesture to humanity because she chose the life of patients over her personal happiness.

‘Marriage can wait, but not my patients’, she said.

Even her father & fiancé felt proud of her decision to postpone the wedding for the patients. 

A doctor takes an oath to serve and protect her/his patient irrespective of time or the patient’s background and she performed her duty very well. She showed how simple acts of kindness and responsibility could help humanity.

Humans are selfish by traits. Those who perform selfless deeds are indeed extraordinary human beings who we should bow down for.

Dear Dr. Shifa, T-Natur and family thank you wholeheartedly for the immense dedication you showed towards your duty. Society is indebted to your care forever. She showed how small steps could create big impacts on society.

T-Natur promises to keep working towards the betterment of society with every small step possible and will keep spreading awareness during pandemic time when everyone needs to unite and fight.

We will bring you more such stories to read and feel. Till then Stay Safe & Healthy.

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