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Soaps and More: Reeking of Sustainability and Purity

Soaps and More: Reeking of Sustainability and Purity

SOS Organics is a sustainable venture, started by Ms. Amrita Chengappa and her husband Mr. Santosh in a small village of district Almora. The brand was launched in the year 2008 and is focusing on sustainable living and it also supports the local communities as well. The main focus of the products of SOS organics lies within Cosmetics and Food related products which are processed naturally. Products such as candles, seasonings, salt lamps, home care items, cold-press oils etc are also being produced by SOS Organics.

Ms. Amrita explains that the entire project is run by rainwater, with no use of any other water resource. Moreover, she also says that 70% of the power generated is by solar panels. 

At SOS Organics, the use of any sort of chemicals or preservatives is strictly cut down, and thus the shelf life of their products is about 1 year. They use natural colors such as Haldi, indigo, stinging nettle as well as they use essential oils rather than fragrant oils for their products as fragrant oils contain artificial fragrances and are also harmful and dangerous to health. 

Ms. Chengappa expresses that the brand supports the local community of women, and gives them employment in every way possible. All the products are produced and looked after by the local woman of the village, who have some basic skill set and knowledge and all the work is done by hand. 

Products such as tea are produced using various herbs such as tulsi, rhododendron, and other such herbs which are available in abundance. The herbal infusions are priced at a nominal rate of ₹150, whereas, the candles are priced at around ₹160. 

Other cold press oils are prepared by using the apricot kernels and khacchi ghani oils, moreover, the leftovers are then dried and powdered to produce other items, Overall, SOS organics aims at minimal or no wastage of any of the raw materials or the resources available. 

Just like SOS Organics, T-Natur also aims at providing sustainable, eco-friendly, and all-natural products. Although T-Natur is a clothing apparel brand where pure organic cotton is used for manufacturing the products. 

T-Natur supports and encourages such initiatives and sustainable brands that contribute to a better future.

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