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The Frontline Warriors: We Salute You

The Frontline Warriors: We Salute You

This Covid-19 period is a test for humanity. This outbreak has made our faces look lugubrious and minds exhausted with the feeling of the wait; the wait when things would get back to normal.

Wearing a Mask is Like a New Normal.

Wearing masks and not being able to breathe freely is mentally and physically very draining. We have so many complaints during our safe home-stay. Ever since the outbreak of the Covid-19, there have been some angelic humans who have been staying on the course despite facing numerous challenges which came in their way.

T-Natur wants those front-line warriors who have been on ground duty even during the scariest pandemic of Covid-19, we have ever encountered since we were born.

They don’t just wear the mask and PPE kit but they also wear COURAGE. They don’t just stay on-duty on the ground, but they also stand with HUMANITY. People haven’t been able to see their loved one during their last hours, they haven’t been able to do the last rites either, that is the magnitude of this crisis.
When we are sitting at homes, safe and sound, away from all the hustle and bustle that’s been going on these days, these real-life heroes have been working for us, day and night, irrespective of the life-threatening novel coronavirus that may infect them in no time.

They have been away from their families since long time because they are scared for them. How heartbreaking it is to even imagine being in their shoes?

The doctors, the nurses and every medical staff are the reason a lot of the population recovered from this life-threatening virus. These heroes worked day and night without any sleep only to save humanity. Some of them even lost their lives while helping the patients. Would a normal human being be ready to sacrifice their health, time, well-being and most importantly life for any other human being?

No, not unless they are very close family members.

These medical staff were underpaid, some of them were beaten by insanely furious public and till they bled, some of them committed suicide out of mental trauma they had and some of them succumbed to the virus itself.

The Social Organizations, health workers, the cops, the drivers, the food delivery guys and many more examples that need our heartfelt gratitude even though any amount of appreciation and thank you gesture is less for their deeds.

Let us read some stories of those who will make us CRY, feel HOPE, and give STRENGTH.

The Final Rites:

There have been several volunteers and for performing the last rites of those who succumbed to this deadly virus and whose body remained untouched and unseen. 

From preparing the hearse to bringing the bodies to the destined places, these fearless warriors have been assisting in the last rituals for those poor souls. They don’t care about what religion they belong; they know and feel that they are doing the right thing.

“In such situations, the value of a human being is at stake and it doesn’t matter what religion he or she may have belonged to”, they said. (Read the whole story)

“Not everyone is brave enough to come near the body of a person who dies of the virus. We are therefore keen that no one should be in such a helpless situation. We will intervene if our help is required.”, said Fr Koluthuvallil, director of Sahrudaya Samaritans. 

The Langar: No one should sleep empty stomach

There have been several groups of beautiful souls who are not exactly the frontline workers but deserve equal praise. Those are the food-givers. There have been many family groups, organizations and self-funded communities that have been providing food to the frontline workers and those poor and underprivileged who have nowhere to earn or eat during the lockdown.

These are the epitome of motherly love. They show care and concern for those who are fighting hard during this pandemic to keep the patients alive. There are health workers who work at odd hours and are unable to get proper meals because they are either away from families to avoid infecting them, or live alone in their apartments or hostels.

These givers make sure they don’t sleep hungry. Their efforts are immensely beautiful and praiseworthy. There have been langar at various places where the needy ones fill their stomachs too because no one should sleep empty stomachs.

The Cops that Save and Serve:

Whenever cops get involved, people believe things would get nasty real soon. They feel fear and stress when they hear about cops. But, during this pandemic these cops have not just been doing their duties of keeping away people from being actively roaming in the streets to keep them away from the virus, they have also been filling the stomachs of those poor souls whose food and living have been dependent on the everyday labor works.

One of the examples is West Bengal Police at Kachari Math near Barsat railway station where the police van comes with lunch for the group of women & children and elderly men. These local police have been God sent angels for these homeless underprivileged who had the worst impact because of the lockdown.

These cops don’t just save people, they serve meals too. (Click here to read more)

These frontline workers who actually warriors have been having been working all day and night long to save the lives of the people who have been fighting hard through this pandemic. 

Many health professionals have even isolated themselves from their families, due to the fear of transmission of the disease, and to protect and safeguard them from this fatal virus. Other than the physical transmission of the virus, the healthcare workers are experiencing psychological distress as well such as, anxiety, sleeping disorders, post-traumatic stress due to overlooking the condition which is prevailing, and by experiencing so many people losing their loved ones to COVID-19.

Amidst the current disconsolate circumstances, other than just saving the lives, the healthcare workers have also proved to be real heroes as they motivate the ward patients in different creative ways - some perform yoga to help relieve the stress faced by the patients, while some choose to perform a certain type of dance. 

With the sustained efforts of these healthcare workers, we aim and hope that we would be out of this pandemic really soon. Till then, STAY HOME & STAY SAFE!

There are numerous stories T-Natur would want you to read because they are worth it and show what real humanity is.

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