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Organic Cotton T-shirts for Men

The Minimalist: Organic Cotton T-shirts for Men

At T-Natur, we believe in a minimalistic approach with trendy designs and colors ! In the world where fast fashion with all quirky designs has taken over, we decided to do something different. We got inspired by the simplicity and originality.

We make 100% pure organic and sustainable men’s t-shirt, that will not only dignify your look but will also make you enrich that aesthetic pleasure.

Sustainability & Eco-friendly: Planet before Profit

We care about our nature and  sustainability is the need of the hour and T-Natur promises to fulfill that need.

Our Sustainable organic men’s t-shirts are not only eco-friendly that makes us stand strong with the right principles of saving our mother earth but also believes in supporting the local community farmers. At T-Natur we understand the responsibility towards our mother earth and believe in slow fashion. These men’s Organic T Shirts have been manufactured under a slow fashion concept and we follow it to respect our environment because that’s the right thing to do. These organic t-shirts are made from 100% pure organic cotton and have no trace of chemicals, making it very safe both to skin and environment. Garment productions all over the world have taken a toll on the safety of our environment.

Growing cotton by means of GMO seeds provides huge scale production but comes with a cost of soil health that later affects the ecological balance. Growing organic cotton comes with multiple benefits to the environment including the use of far less water during its cultivation process if we compare it with conventional cotton.

Moreover, organic cotton cultivation doesn’t allow the use of synthetic chemical pesticides and fertilizers that minimize the soil health and pollute the water resources and also come with health risks to our farmers. In short, organic cotton fabrics are chemical free and have no additives, thereby preserving their 100% purity.

The dye used in giving the colors to these men’s t-shirts are also natural and because of this impeccable purity that is maintained, these organic men’s t-shirts do not cause any allergies, irritations or rashes on the skin.

Organic Cotton T-shirts for Men: Vocal for Local

The fast fashion has taken over the entire world and is easily accessible at very low rates, but it hardly provides any support and living to the local community farmers.

Made from the purest organic cotton from the lands of India, this Men’s t-shirt is made under a safe environment to farmers.

In the conditions the workers work in are harsh and with little or no safety support when working in the synthetic garment industry which believe in fast fashion, i.e. quantity over quality and  are full of toxins and chemicals making them sick and unhealthy in no time. They are also made to work for endless hours, not allowing them for a normal livelihood with their family.

T-Natur is trying to cope up with this situation by supporting the local community farmers and workers with all means possible.

These men’s organic and sustainable t-shirts are giving reasons to the local community farmers to have a decent livelihood with fair salary and working hours. Not only this, the toxin-free life of the farmers is a right approach towards respecting the human rights to live a healthy and risk-free life. Since T-Natur is supporting the local farmers, they can also have their family time with a decent livelihood.

We owe to our farmers and we will always be there to support them with a good life.

The Old yet Eternal

T-shirts are too old news? But, they are also forever new. Men’s T-tshirt is an eternal style-to-go fashion statement and our Pure Organic men’s tshirt completes that comes with soothing color completes your wardrobe with that pinch of class and sophistication. These organic tshirts feature crew neck which are the most chosen ones.

These men’s organic  t-shirts can adapt themselves depending on occasion; be it a casual meet with friends, a date night or a party. It’s versatile with color and style, making it very special to wear.

Organic Cotton T-shirts: Style with Ease

Men’s organic t-shirts at T-Natur are comfy and unique in their own way and are ECO-FRIENDLY. The colors are simple and light and soothing to the eyes, yet trendy.

The 100% pure organic fabric quality assures to avoid bad body odor and feels fresh in summer.

These t-shirts are naturally dyed and are chemical free so very convenient to be worn without worrying about skin rashes and itchiness.

Moreover, the fabric is so soft and soothing on skin that it could be worn in any climate conditions.

The cotton fibers of these men’s organic t-shirts provide sweat absorbing properties to the t-shirts making it comfortable to wear. The t-shirt is lightweight and very soft on skin, and gives a cooling effect as compared to the other synthetic t-shirts.

The material is non-itching and is breathable. These men’s t-shirts are not a see through and very soft and smooth on skin.

The classic and Aesthetic Look

These finely crafted men’s organic t-shirts, sewed with love will make one feel like a gentleman.

Pairing it up with a jeans to get that iconic and classy look is what these men’s organic t-shirts are all about.

These T-shirts are so beautifully colored that can go with any skin tone and are an amalgamation of both style and ethics.


These organic t-shirts would not only reflect classy charisma but would also make the buyer feel proud of choosing the fashion trend that is helping slow fashion gain that pace and doing every bit to save our mother earth.

T-Natur believes in quality over quantity and encourages the customers to buy less but unique and good quality garments that would help in reducing the textile wastes.

These men’s organic and sustainable t-shirts at T-Natur are sewn with a complete recycled yarn that provides a long durability and are a great way to reduce textile waste. These Organic men’s t-shirts follow a slow fashion concept hence the quality is maintained and encourage long term use of the garment to reduce both production and waste. Because these men’s t-shirts are 100% pure organic, they are also easily biodegradable and hence recyclable.

Our Packaging: Reusable and Plastic Free

These men’s organic t-shirts are packed in a sustainable way so as to reduce the environmental impact. The conventional packaging encouraged the use of so much plastic that remains a threat to our planet for centuries. The use of plastic packaging endangered animals the most, especially the fauna. We often see piles of plastic stagnated at one place and ruining the soil health. These plastics are consumed by the stray animals and harm their digestive system, and further kill them.

T-Natur encourages the use of sustainable packaging to avoid cluttering of plastics and easy recycling of the packaging. These men’s organic t-shirts are packed with butter paper making the whole process of T-shirt making, beginning to end, sustainable and environment friendly.

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