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Why Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton, as the name suggests is the eco-friendliest fabric that has become a noticeable approach ever since the world is alarmed about the climate change.


It is a 100 % pure as the cotton is completely handpicked thereby preserving the purity of every single fiber. There is no damage to the fibers during the handpicking, unlike the machine picking. Organic cotton fabric is softer and more durable than regular cotton because of longer fibers which is the result of handpicking.


Organic cotton has no dependency on GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms or Seeds) and is purely derived from the use of natural seeds with no use of harmful chemical pesticides as the bugs are controlled with the insects that kill the pests.

Unlike regular cotton that uses tons of chemical dyes, heavy metals during the processing and manufacturing process, Organic cotton uses safer methods of natural or water based dyes to manufacture the finished products.

Hence, Organic Cotton Hypoallergenic and are safer for our skin.

Isn’t it an environment-health friendly practice?


Growing Organic Cotton replenishes and maintains the soil fertility, prevents the underground water contamination, provides employments and healthy life and to the small and large scale farmers. Organic cotton is renewable and biodegradable with no harm to the environment.

There are a millions of benefits of using organic cotton but for now, let’s stick to those which matter the most.

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